Target = $336,239

Amount left to pay = $310,000

Help us!

It's time to take action to get St.Mark's back on track...

Back in 2015, St. Mark's organised a much-needed capital campaign to make improvements to the parish hall and car parking. As the church was unable to raise the full amount, and due to overrunning costs, the church took out a loan with Clarien bank for $420000 with an interest rate of 6.5%. In February 2021, with still over $336,282 left to pay off, and monthly repayments of approx. $4100, we set about seeing if we could refinance the loan. In May 2021 we managed to privately refinance the loan at a lower interest rate reducing our monthly payments to approx. $3100 per month. We also embarked on this fundraising campaign. Now it's time to take action. Together, we are going to pay off this debt.

There are TWO things you can do!

Make a Repayment

The Simplest thing you can do is make a capital repayment. Every dollar counts! And remember, every repayment not only decreases our capital, it also decreases the interest we are paying.

Direct deposits can be made to:

Bank of Butterfield

Account No: 20-006-060-104125-100

Beneficiary: St. Mark's Church

In the as a Payment Reference space put your name and "Down the Debt".

Your donation will be anonymous, but it would be really encouraging to let others know - so email and we will publish your name and donation.

Raise Funds

We can all raise funds and every little helps! We are all given skills and talents that we can use? Perhaps make something to sell or organise an event? If you have an idea, let us know! Email rector@stmarks.


10/02/20 - Private Individual Fundraiser - $1224

16/02/20 - Additional Funeral Fees - $450

16/03/20 - Donation - $1000

01/04/20 - Fish Fry - $5374

16/05/21 - Donation - $1000

01/06/21 - Fish Fry - $3740