Life Groups

Journeying together as we follow Christ. 

Life Groups are a great way of journeying together as a church family. They offer members pastoral support, mutual encouragement, and a place to learn. If you would like to join a Life Group, please get in touch!

Music Group and Choir

The St. Mark's and Holy Trinity Music Group and Choir meet together on a Thursday evening from 5.30pm to 7pm. We worship together, sing, laugh, and support each other in our walk with Jesus.

Leaders: Angie Sainsbury (with Peter Nash and Gavin Tyte)

Stay Connected

For those that are stuck at home, perhaps because they are infirm, vulnerable, or self-isolating, we bring you a printed Church Newsletter each week and visit for a chat. We are also happy to share home communions.

Leaders: Gavin and Helen Tyte (with Marianne Herbert and Janet Robinson)


FLIX is the youth group for young people. It meets on a Sunday night from 5pm to 7pm at St. Paul's, Paget. Ages: Year 8/M2/Grade 7

Leaders: Paul and Ruth Pettit, Shirene Fulton

Other Life Groups

Life Group Leaders:

John and Pansy Nichols

Keith and Elaine DeSilva

Rick and Shirene Fulton

Dave and Nicki Horan

Janet Dublin

Barbara Willis

Anna Fulton

Lovette Trott

Leta Woolridge