Membership Form

Membership Form

Being an official church member means that you can belong to formal parts of the church such as The Guild, vote in the Annual General Meetings, participate in diocesan training and events, and stand on various committees.

To become a member you need to:

  1. Be baptised
  2. Are aged 18 or over
  3. Attend worship (in person) on a regular basis.

Complete and submit the online form below:

I/We declare that I am baptized, have attained the age of eighteen years and am/are a member of St. Mark’s Church, Bermuda. I/We participate regularly in in-person public worship and support the Church to the best of my ability. I/We hereby apply to be entered on the Membership Roll.
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Privacy Policy

The Personal Information Protection Act 2016 regulates the use of personal information by organisations, in a manner that recognises both the need to protect the rights of individuals in relation to their personal information and the need for organisations to use personal information for legitimate purposes.

The information given on this form will be used to maintain a list of members of St Mark’s Church / Holy Trinity Church who are entitled to vote and to participate in the governance of the Anglican Church of Bermuda and for purposes of communication with them. This information will be kept for three years until the next enrolment of members in 2025 when it will be securely archived and will not be disclosed to third parties outside the Anglican Church of Bermuda without written permission of the member. Members who wish to change or remove this information may do so on written notification to the Electoral Roll Officer of the Church.