Music Camp


Due to new COVID regulations, this camp has now been cancelled.

The St.Mark's Church Music Camp is a fun week of contemporary music. Led by Rev Gav, Helz Belz, and Frangipan (along with Boris the Sound System), the week includes learning to beatbox, a kids' choir, and making a hit record! The camp costs $300 per child. Need more info? Email Rev Gav -


Each day there'll be a fun, interactive beatboxing performance then we'll learn to make all kinds of crazy sounds. At the end of the week will be a beatbox battle with prizes to be won!

Kidz Choir

Each day we'll learn a fun song (socially distanced of course) and hopefully, if we nail the songs, we'll record them too!

Hit Record

Over the week we're going to write, record, and produce our own hit record! Using state of the art studio kit we'll write the lyrics, arrange the backing, and record the vocals. The final mix will be published on Bandamp.


We don't want to spend all day indoors so we'll have snack breaks, a daily lunch break, and an outdoor games session with a treasure hunt and more!

The Team

Our leaders are SCARS trained. Rev Gav also has a C1 Safeguarding Certificate. Rev Gav and Helz Belz are also have a recent First Aid at Work Certificate. St.Mark's operates under the Diocesan Safeguarding Policy.

Rev Gav

Rev Gav is a professional beatboxer (vocal percussionist). He pioneered the world's first beatboxing tutorial videos and judged the World Beatboxing Championships. As well as making strange sounds and revving, he's a qualified teacher of Music Technology, a composer, and arranger. 

Helz Belz

Helen Tyte (aka Helz Belz) is a qualified Primary School Teacher and has led holiday clubs in the UK and on Ascension Island. Helz loves music and swimming and her waterproof headphones are banging out the latest tunes. One of her fave things to do is jump around the kitchen miming to Gangster's Paradise...


Angie Sainsbury (aka Frangipan) is an accomplished musician, choir director, and music teacher. What she can't do with a set of ivories ain't worth knowing! Angie has played in various bands and when she's not hammering the keys she can be found running and doing yoga (but not at the same time).


The Spring Music Camp runs from April 5th to April 9th. Registration and Drop-off each day is from 9am to 9.30am and Pickup is from 3.30pm to 4pm. 


The Spring Music Camp takes place in St. Mark's Church building - the big pointy place on South Shore near Spittal Pond. There's plenty of parking outside the Church Hall. Drop-off and Collection is in the porch at the top of the steps.

What to Bring?

Please bring a packed lunch, snacks, and a water bottle, and... a mask! We will supply drinking water. Please also bring a hat, sunglasses, and have sun-screen pre-applied for any outdoor games. Please do NOT bring any laptops or electronic games.


In case of emergency, there is a phone in the church building. Call 441-236-8360 and select the option to call The Music Camp.

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