2nd Sunday of Lent

13 March

Lent 2 | Bolder (Part 3 of a 7 Part Series)


Leader: Rev Gav | Preacher: Wendell Dill

First Reading:

Philippians 3.17 – 4.1

Gospel Reading:

Luke 13.31–35


Leader: | Preacher:


Welcomers: TBA

Bible Reader: TBA

Eucharistic Ministers: TBA

Children and Youth: TBC

Prayer Ministry: TBC

Refreshments: TBC


Song 1: Great Big God

Song 2: Lord I Lift Your Name on High

Song 3: Cornerstone

Song 4: Great is the Lord and Most Worthy of Praise

Song 5: Great is They Faithfulness

Song 6: Let There Be Peace


A bolder Church energised and enthused by the good news of what God has done in Jesus Christ and sharing that with everyone.

Bolder, because the love of Christ compels us. We have a gospel to proclaim and we live and minister in a world of much pain and confusion. The things that have been entrusted to us in Christ are the very things the world needs, showing people the beauty and the purposes of Christ and building his kingdom in the world. Our determination to be carbon neutral by 2030 could be the first of a number of prophetic gestures we make to the world, showing the world that with God all things are possible, and that, in Christ, God has a vision for every person and a vision for the world.None