3rd Sunday of Missio Dei

20 February

Missio Dei 3 | Simpler (Part 1 of a 7 part series)


Leader: Rev Gav | Preacher: Rev Gav

First Reading:

Psalm 65

Gospel Reading:

Luke 8.22–25


Leader: | Preacher:


Welcomers: TBC

Bible Reader: TBC

Eucharistic Ministers: TBC

Children and Youth: TBC

Prayer Ministry: TBC

Refreshments: TBC


Song 1: Once Again

Song 2: When I Survey

Song 3: Lord You Have My Heart

Song 4: I Will Offer up My Life

Song 5: Take My Life and Let it Be

Song 6: Let There Be Peace


What does it mean to be a church that is simpler: both in governance and structure, and in the way we live and share the gospel?

Simpler, because we are not as big a church as we used to be, and there might be too much bureaucracy, and the work of the simplification agenda has been an important feature of our synodical life in recent years. As other groups in the church look at our governance structure and other areas of our life, this simplicity must shine through.

Serving the nation
Releasing the Church

To help us achieve these strategic priorities we are looking at bringing simplicity and coherence to our governance structures, and the practical ways the Church is organised and gets things done that enable the local church to flourish.

Being simpler.
A releasing church
Simplifying governance structures
Living within its means