Second Sunday of Lent

28 February, 9:00 am @ St. Mark's

Lent 2

Theme: Promise
Leader: Rev Gav
Preacher: Rev Gav
Welcome Team: David, Paul, and Sue

Principal Bible Reading: Genesis 17:1–7 and 15-16

Read by Aunt Nell (on video)

When Abram was ninety-nine years old, the Lord appeared to Abram, and said to him, ‘I am God Almighty; walk before me, and be blameless. And I will make my covenant between me and you, and will make you exceedingly numerous.’ Then Abram fell on his face; and God said to him, ‘As for me, this is my covenant with you: You shall be the ancestor of a multitude of nations. No longer shall your name be Abram, but your name shall be Abraham; for I have made you the ancestor of a multitude of nations. I will make you exceedingly fruitful; and I will make nations of you, and kings shall come from you. I will establish my covenant between me and you, and your offspring after you throughout their generations, for an everlasting covenant, to be God to you and to your offspring after you.

God said to Abraham, ‘As for Sarai your wife, you shall not call her Sarai, but Sarah shall be her name. I will bless her, and moreover I will give you a son by her. I will bless her, and she shall give rise to nations; kings of peoples shall come from her.’

Devotional Bible Reading: Romans 4.13–25 (NLT)

Read by Carys

Clearly, God’s promise to give the whole earth to Abraham and his descendants was based not on his obedience to God’s law, but on a right relationship with God that comes by faith. If God’s promise is only for those who obey the law, then faith is not necessary and the promise is pointless. For the law always brings punishment on those who try to obey it. (The only way to avoid breaking the law is to have no law to break!)

So the promise is received by faith. It is given as a free gift. And we are all certain to receive it, whether or not we live according to the law of Moses, if we have faith like Abraham’s. For Abraham is the father of all who believe. That is what the Scriptures mean when God told him, “I have made you the father of many nations.” This happened because Abraham believed in the God who brings the dead back to life and who creates new things out of nothing.

Even when there was no reason for hope, Abraham kept hoping—believing that he would become the father of many nations. For God had said to him, “That’s how many descendants you will have!” And Abraham’s faith did not weaken, even though, at about 100 years of age, he figured his body was as good as dead—and so was Sarah’s womb.

Abraham never wavered in believing God’s promise. In fact, his faith grew stronger, and in this he brought glory to God. He was fully convinced that God is able to do whatever he promises. And because of Abraham’s faith, God counted him as righteous. And when God counted him as righteous, it wasn’t just for Abraham’s benefit. It was recorded for our benefit, too, assuring us that God will also count us as righteous if we believe in him, the one who raised Jesus our Lord from the dead. He was handed over to die because of our sins, and he was raised to life to make us right with God.

Prayers: Barbara


Let us pray to our Lord, who has brought us out of darkness and into his own marvellous light.

Lord, you order all things with your wisdom. Help your Church reveal the mystery of your love and fill us with the Spirit of truth. Guide Bishop Nicholas, and all church leaders across the island, as they guide their congregations through challenging times. Allow them to continue to minister to all, despite the current restrictions.

Lord, in your mercy, hear our prayer.

Mighty God, the world’s governments are on your shoulders. Guide the leaders of all nations in order that they lead with integrity and wisdom, bringing peace, justice and righteousness to your kingdom. Guide and strengthen officials in Nigeria as they seek to bring an end to the recent spate of rocket grenade attacks.

Lord, in your mercy, hear our prayer.

Everlasting Father, you call us to live together in unity. Protect by your mercy all your children, bless our families and renew our communities. Keep us kind and generous to others, treating each person with equality and compassion, and ensuring that we reach out a helping hand to all those in need.

Lord, in your mercy, hear our prayer.

Prince of peace, by your healing power give to all who suffer your gift of wholeness and peace. We pray for those who are bereaved or lonely, and think especially of the family of John Edwards, who passed away this week, bring them comfort and peace. Hold your healing hand over those who are sick or injured, and those who care for them. We pray today for our brother Norman Lynas, his wife Mary-Claire and their family as they continue to battle against infection.
Protect those working in health care across the world during this pandemic. We pray for those in Bermuda responsible for distributing the Covid Vaccine, and pray for the safety of those involved in testing for the virus.

Lord, in your mercy, hear our prayer.

As Abraham never wavered in believing God’s promise, we pray for continued strength of belief for ourselves and each other. Lord Jesus Christ, Son of the Father, full of the Spirit, be with us in our daily lives, hear our prayer, receive our praises and fill our lives.

Merciful Father, accept these prayers for the sake of your Son, our Saviour Jesus Christ. Amen


Song 1: Light of the World (Here I am to Worship)
Song 2: Before the Throne of God Above
Song 3: Holy Holy Holy

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Children are in the hall from 9am.