Organisational Structure

Our goal is that people encounter Jesus and be sustained and grow in that encounter.

The Vestry

The Vestry are an elected church council. Vestry members are elected at the Annual General Meeting and typically serve for two years.


  • Priest: Canon John Stow
  • Chair: Revd Gavin Tyte
  • Churchwardens: Janet Dublin and Nicki Horan
  • Deputy Churchwarden: Lisa-Dawn Johnston
  • Vestry Clerk: Helen Campbell
  • Vestry Members: Helen Campbell, Kelly Gilmour, Paul Gilmour, Pansy Nichols, Angela Sainsbury, Jane Bielby, Annie Orendain, Shirene Fulton, and Chris Venter
  • Appointees: Mark Moffat (Treasurer) and Helen Tyte (Recording Secretary)


  • Diocesan Synod Reps: Helen Campbell, Kelly Gilmour, and Lisa-Dawn Johnston. Pansy Nichols (alternate).
  • Bermuda Church Society Reps: Lisa-Dawn Johnston, Janet Dublin, and Nicki Horan
  • Graveyard Administrator: Peter Nash
  • Safeguarding Officer: Nicki Horan
  • Partnership Advisory Group: Helen Campbell, Nicki Horan and Janet Dublin. Lisa-Dawn Johnston (alternate).


In line with our Aims there are five teams, four of which are official subcommittees of the Vestry:

1. Leadership

  • Canon John Stow (Priest in Charge)
  • Revd Gavin Tyte (Associate Priest)
  • Canon Anne Hines (Reader)
  • Jenny Hodgkins (Reader)
  • Helen Tyte (Children and Families Committee)
  • Revd Terry Hassell

2. Property and Infrastructure

  • Lisa-Dawn Johnston (Chair)
  • Barbara Willis
  • Norris Ebbin
  • Vernon Douglas
  • Colin Campbell
  • Jane Bielby
  • Paul Gilmour
  • Annie Orendain

3. Children and Families

  • Helen Tyte (Chair)
  • Shirene Fulton
  • Nicki Horan
  • Amôri Venter
  • Helen Campbell
  • Mandy Robinson
  • Janet Dublin
  • Tessa Rossiter

4. Business and Finance

  • Nicki Horan (Chair)
  • Chris Venter
  • Dudley Cottingham
  • Kelly Gilmour
  • Mark Moffat
  • John Nichols

5. Worship and Prayer

  • Revd Gavin Tyte (Leader)
  • Angela Sainsbury (Music)
  • Peter Nash (Choir and Admin)
  • Shirene Fulton (Youth)
  • Helen Tyte (AV and Children)