Holy Spirit

How can my life bear fruit?

In this message, Rev Gav reflects on the gardening metaphors used by Jesus and how we can bear fruit by being transformed by the Holy Spirit….

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Community (Part 1)

Trinity Sunday is the day we celebrate the doctrine of The Trinity — a God who is Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Although the term ‘trinity’ does not exist in the Bible, from scripture we learn that God is both one and three at the same time. There is one God but this one God is community….

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I find it difficult to write a sermon on the theme of the Holy Spirit because, such is the importance of the Spirit to the Mission of the Church, that nearly all my messages are about the Holy Spirit in some way or another! If there was one topic on which I could talk at length it would be about an aspect of the work of the Holy Spirit of God, but today, I am going to go back to basics. For some, this teaching will be familiar, and yet for others it might be the first time they have truly considered who the Spirit is and why the Spirit is important….

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