Not just a special day but a special marriage.

At St. Mark's we don't just want to invest in your wedding day. That's a given! We want to invest in you as a couple. Check out these words from the Marriage Service:

"Marriage is a gift of God in creation through which husband and wife may know the grace of God. It is given that as man and woman grow together in love and trust, they shall be united with one another in heart, body, and mind... it enriches society and strengthens community."

St. Mark's Church

St. Mark's Church building is a stunning historic venue in which to make your vows. It's a beautiful place with wood panelling and colourful windows. If you have yet to decide on a venue then why not give us a call on +1 (441) 236-8360 or contact us and we can give you a guided tour.

The Reception Venue

St. Mark's is blessed with a large reception hall with a commercial kitchen and large restrooms with wheelchair access. There is a flat lawn suitable for a marquee or outdoor celebrations, and there is ample parking. Whether using a wedding planner or making your own arrangements, be sure to consider our Reception Venue. Book a visit today!

Planning your Wedding

Wedding Licence

At St. Mark's the priest is also the Registrar for your marriage. Once you have confirmed with the priest the date for your wedding, it is essential for you to contact the Registrar General to organise a Marriage Licence for your marriage. The Registry needs at least 15 days to process this and once issued, the licence is only valid for three months. You must then give this Marriage Licence to the priest before your wedding takes place. After the wedding the priest will submit a Particulars of Marriage form such that your Marriage Certificate can be issued and collected.

Marriage Preparation

Many couples spend hours and hours preparing for the day, but little time preparing for their marriage. At St. Mark's we believe in investing in you as a couple. Typically, every Spring, we offer a FREE Marriage Preparation Course. This is a fun, five-week course where you come to us for a meal and spend time talking with your other half using video material and course hand books. This course may be able to be completed remotely. Do get in touch if you'd like more details!

The Rehearsal 

The wedding rehearsal typically takes places a few days before the wedding, not the night before! You will practice everything at the rehearsal and the whole wedding party is invited: that's bride, groom, best man, maid of honour, groomsmen, bridesmaids, and parents. Often, families choose to go for a meal after the rehearsal. Do not feel you have to invite the priest although all invites are welcome!

Flowers and Decorations

You are welcome to decorate St. Mark's Church with flowers and other decorations. If you need help with this, please ask us and you can liaise with one of our church flower arrangers who can advise you on the best places and options for your decorations. All decorations must be removed from the church building before the following Sunday worship takes place, although some couples arrange for some displays to be donated to the church.

Example Order of Service

The Entrance of the Bride (or Couple)

Welcome (includes Opening Prayer and Preface)

Hymn or Reflective Item (optional)

The Declarations

Bible Reading

The Address

Hymn or Reflective Item (optional)

The Marriage (includes Vows, Giving of Rings, Proclamation, and Blessing)


Hymn or Reflective Item (optional)

Final Blessing

The Signing of the Registers (Musical Item)

The Recessional

The Wedding Ceremony


At modern weddings most couples exchange rings. These are looked after by the best man who is called forward to lay them on the priest's book at a point in the ceremony. The best man doesn't keep them in a box, but simply has them loose in his pocket so they can be easily and quickly retrieved.

Signing of the Registers

Registers are signed, in church, usually at the top table, at the end of the ceremony. If you are getting married, for example, on a beach, then you will need to ensure there is a table and chair available for the signing. If the wedding is a Blessing, we can still arrange for a book to be signed. You will need two witnesses, one for each of you, both of whom need to be over 18 years old. Most couples have instrumental music or a soloist playing during the signing of the registers. 

The Address

The Address is a short reflection given by the priest and it is usually based on the Bible Reading(s). It is designed to encourage and inspire you both on your journey.

Bible Reading(s)

The wedding service, as it is a Christian ceremony, usually includes at least one Bible Reading. For example, this could be a reading about love such as this one taken from Paul's letter to the church in Corinth. 1 Corinthians 13:1-8. Often, couples ask a close friend or relative to read the Bible Reading.


You will need to think about music coming in (processional) and music going out (recessional) and also if you wish to include any sung hymns or instrumental pieces. These can be played on backing tracks, or played on the organ or piano by our resident instrumentalist, Angela Sainsbury (see below). Soloists and/or Choir may be available for a small donation to the church and are subject to availability.

Prayers and Reflective Items

There are moments of prayer in a Christian wedding ceremony and a time for prayers for you as a couple. Some couples ask a Christian friend, someone who has a faith, to pray for them, otherwise the priest will happily lead some simple prayers. You may also wish for a poem to be read.

Entrance and Being Given Away

It is traditional for the bride to enter (preceded by flower girls) followed by bridesmaids. The father or close friend or family member of the bride typically accompanies her. Alternatively the bride and groom may wish to enter together. Some brides do not wish to be 'given away' and there is an optional line in the wedding service. Your priest will discuss this with you at your rehearsal.

Photography and Video

Photography and video is permitted at weddings, however, we discourage this during the actual vows as this is a very intimate and precious time between you both and God. We don't want any distractions! The signing of the registers is a great opportunity for more formal photographs to take place.


If your wedding is at St. Mark's, you may have the antique bells rung as your guests arrive and as you leave the church building. This is subject to a donation and the availability of a bell ringer. Note: The bells at St. Mark's are of a musical chime variety and can be a unique and wonderful addition to your ceremony.

Bridesmaids, Groomsmen, and Ushers

Weddings typically have one or more bridesmaids, the chief bridesmaid being called the Maid of Honour. UK-style weddings have a Best Man and US-style weddings have groomsmen, the chief groomsman being the Best Man. All weddings have ushers, usually chosen from the family, to assist with seating, to accompany the parents to their seats (especially the mother of the bride), to hand out orders of service, and to ensure no-one leaves anything behind. The ushers may also be groomsmen.


Confetti is welcome to be thrown outside the church building. However, all confetti must be biodegradable Please do not bring or use plastic stars or hearts. Please do not use raw rice either as it is bad for wildlife. Paper confetti may be used, but petals, dried coconut, or punched leaves are by far the best options.

Printed Orders of Service

You are welcome to print your own orders of service which may be handed out to the guests by ushers. We highly recommend you ask the minister to proof and check your order of service before you have them printed.

The Vows

I, Name, take you, Name,
to be my wife/husband,
to have and to hold
from this day forward;
for better, for worse,
for richer, for poorer,
in sickness and in health,
to love and to cherish,
till death us do part;
according to God’s holy law.
In the presence of God I make this vow.

The Giving of Rings

Name, I give you this ring
as a sign of our marriage.
With my body I honour you,
all that I am I give to you,
and all that I have I share with you,
within the love of God,
Father, Son and Holy Spirit.


  • All rehearsal, preparation, and certificate costs are included.
    These fees are in effect from 1st March 2021.
  • Payments should be made to:
  • Bank of Butterfield
  • Account No: 20-006-060-104125-100
  • Beneficiary: St. Mark's Church
  • In the Payment Reference space put the surname of the couple and "wedding".

Wedding or Blessing in St. Mark's Church


  • St. Mark's weddings take place in the church building. The fee includes the Minister's fee, Parish Church fee, and a Verger fee.

Wedding or Blessing at another Venue


  • This is the fee for a St. Mark's minister to take your Wedding or Blessing at a beach or other venue. Please note, that as you are asking an Anglican Priest to take the wedding, that he or she will expect it to be a Christian ceremony. The fee includes the minister's fee, the parish fee, and travel expenses.

Renewal of Vows in St. Mark's Church


  • A Renewal of Marriage Vows takes place in the church building. The fee includes the Minister's fee, Parish Church fee, and a Verger fee.

Other Fees



  • You may choose to use the St. Mark's organ or piano which is played by our resident instrumentalist, Angela Sainsbury. Angela can play both classical and contemporary songs and hymns.



  • Live-stream to YouTube directly from St. Mark's. This fee includes 
  •  a Sound and Camera Operator. Pre-recorded Video and Audio can also be included.
  • Note: This is for the Church only - not the churchyard and is subject to availability.

Angela Sainsbury

Angela Sainsbury is our classically trained church organist and pianist. She earned her Bachelor's degree in Organ Performance from Friend's University in Wichita, KS in 2002, and completed her Master's degree in Organ Performance at the University of Cincinnati-College Conservatory of Music in 2006 under the tutelage of Dr. Roberta Gary. She has been a church musician for thirty years, fifteen of those here at St. Mark's. 

Wedding Checklist

Have you done the following?

Booked a date for your wedding with the Minister?
Applied for and received your Marriage Licence?
Given your Marriage Licence to the Minister?
Booked a time and date for your Rehearsal with the Minister?
Let your wedding party know the time and date of the Rehearsal?
Let the Minister know if you require the services of Angie our church organist?
Chosen Processional and Recessional music and how it will be played and let the Minister know if it is to be played by Angie the church organist?
Chosen any optional Hymns and let the Minister know what they are and if they are to be played by Angie, the church organist?
Chosen any Reflective Items such as poems and selected readers?
Chosen a Bible Reading and someone to read it or let the Minister know he or she is reading it?
Chosen someone to say some prayers for you or let the Minister know he or she is leading them?
Chosen music to be played during the Signing of the Registers and organised musicians or let the Minister know if Angie, the church organist is to play?
Produced an Order of Service and given a copy of this to the Minister for proofreading and checking?
Chosen flowers and decorations and decided when and where they will be displayed and arranged access to the church building to set them up?
Arranged for any decorations and flowers to be removed from the church building?